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14Ora Christmas 2011

Back on the train again and down to Modena..... A really fun day spent with the 2 Andreas from 14 ORA.... Looking at some new material and discussing the market. I hate to bring up food again but we also had a very special lunch at a restaurant run by 2 sisters.... The chef is 83 and the food is very traditional. When we asked if the menu was the menu of the day we were told it was the menu for the past 48 years! We have selected a really beautiful range of material from 14 ORA including a new stone called Cathedral which is very suitable for our market. They also are now producing the UonUon in a...

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Rapsel Christmas 2011

For the first time we had the opportunity to visit RAPSEL at their factory in Milan. Due to our hectic schedule we could only manage this meeting on a Saturday RAPSEL were very generous in opening especially for us. We had time to look in depth at the new products and more importantly to speak at length with Aldo the founder of RAPSEL. What continues to amaze me is the constant innovation from RAPSEL who really we the first to introduce so many years ago the involvement of designer names that we now know as legends, Phillip Starck , Norman Foster, and Palomba just to name a few. The new ranges (still a secret) are amazing and very innovative.I will...

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