Meet the Team


After growing up in far Western Queensland where indoor plumbing was non existent, it is quite ironic that I now own and operate a company which prides itself in providing the most quality bathware and tiles imported from brands based all over the world.

As a young aspiring 23 year old interior designer I saw an opportunity and opened the doors for a future I could not have foreseen in the form of Elite Bathware & Tiles. 29 years later Elite has evolved into a premier supplier to both the building industry and everyday retail.
While the business holds its many challenges I cherish the relationships it has provided me with. From our suppliers to our customers and staff, these relationships have left me with many lifelong friends.
During my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, painting, cooking and travelling - all of which are usually accompanied by drinking a nice bottle of champagne.
I have had a varied background from breeding & judging stud cattle, intensive agriculture and university doing Fine Arts including a stint in Paris.
Like all the team, we have multiple roles, but my main focus is on design/re-working plans, sketches to help clients visualise design concepts and problem solving complex installation issues.
Being involved with Elite (and Michele) since the business was first established; we have grown and lifted our vision along the way.
Outside of work, I enjoy many things, but regularly find time to chase snapper in Moreton Bay.

I began my career with Elite Bathware & Tiles whilst studying for my Landscape Architecture degree over 20 years ago. I love the atmosphere and camaraderie  that we have in the workplace and have stayed on even after completing my studies. My role is quite varied as it involves sales, purchasing, logistics and administrative duties. We have a wonderful team environment which enables me to offer support, expertise and guidance whenever required. We hope to offer a wonderful result for our customers that both they and we can all be proud of.

I love hanging out with my mates in my spare time playing golf and generally having a good time. I love the social aspect of golf and play as often as possible. We often travel together overseas to pursue greener fairways and cultural experiences. In particular, I love visiting Cambodia and Vietnam as they have wonderful golf courses and a culture that I can immerse myself in. I am always looking forward to the next adventure.


I've always believed in the saying "Write your life plan in pencil not pen" - My working life has snaked through university, sales, banking and finance, business owner and now into tiles, tapware and toilets! 

My position takes me to some fantastic places and enables me to meet some pretty amazing individuals and teams. I am in awe of how these talented people turn an idea and vision into reality. They take a picture in their head, put it on paper and watch it grow through development and construction, finally for us to live in it and enjoy it. They are then brave enough to put their name to these designs and put it out there for the world to judge.


After starting at Elite in the warehouse in 2016, I have learnt our products and practices from the ground up, and now front our amazing showroom as a sales & design consultant. I have a genuine passion for the brands that we are privileged to represent, and am so lucky to work for the Elite team.

When I'm not talking tiles & bathware, you can find me playing football, running around with my border collie, doing my own home projects, or at live music!


Hailing from North Queensland, I spent an epic youth pursuing adventures of all sorts, first as a child, then as a teen, before spending 3 months travelling in Europe in my early 20’s and then heading to university. Upon completion of my degree, I took a job working inventory control for a company and have found myself in the years since making ends meet mainly in roles involving inventory, warehousing, administration, & transport while getting married along the way and having two wonderful kids.

I’ve been with Elite Bathware for a little over a year, and look after the warehouse & transport side of things. It’s an amazing little family-orientated business with a great staff always willing to get involved and help each other out. Michele & Mark have been a real pleasure to work for and I really enjoy my days contributing what I can to the business and helping people realise their domestic dreams.

Outside of work my main interest is cinema. Whether re-watching films or searching them out, and if not watching them then usually thinking about them, my mind is gravitationally bound in an endless orbit with the subject. I’m a fan of all the creative arts but cinema has held a special place ever since I was young.


Having a background of interior designing and good computer skills in a furniture company in India, I got the opportunity to work here at Elite as a admin support executive. The work environment here is like a family which made me feel comfortable from the day I started. What I love the most about working here is, that there is always transparency, connection and trust amongst the employees and customers which makes the work environment motivating, progressive, happy and rewarding.

I come from the land of diversity, India, which has given me the experience of working with people of different cultures that helped mould my character into a flexible and adjustable person. I am an all-time learner, love travelling and as a Buddhist practitioner, I believe in law of “Cause and Effect” that transforms our karma in good or bad. Some of my favourite pass times are reading, cooking and listening punjabi music.