Sicis Christmas 2011

First factory to visit on our work/holiday was SICIS, it is always so informative and interesting as they are always working on new and exciting projects. This year, we saw the new "Pop Art" Marilyn, using some water jet cut elements as well as the glass to create a less traditional version of the icon (see image).

The displays of the Mirage range to (from a previous blog) were also on display. We had discussions on the installation of this material so as to be able to assist with questions. The other exciting news is the release of the extended Neoglass range in around 200 colours from the Colibri range also opening the door for a whole new range of Blends and patterns.

As always we spend a good amount of our time at SICIS in meetings with president Maurizio, this time is spent discussing upcoming strategy for Australia. We also shared a very special dinner in the countryside at a family operated trattoria.... Probably the best steak I have ever had.... In the Florentine style!