NEW PRODUCT - Ornamenta Mix and Match


We have another fantastic range on its way from Italy, MIX AND MATCH, a 4-colour palette, 'Bianco e Neri', Lipstick, L'Acqua and Le Terre, using 20 different colours of extruded porcelain with a "waxy concrete effect". From the "monochromatism" to the colour extreme mix , this range is available with "base" colours and matching "random decor" colours allowing greater versatility.

The material is handcrafted with variations in colours, tone and size creating the intrinsic character of MIX AND MATCH. Great size of 150x450mm allowing experimentation of installation layout.

Be Conservative or Be Brave! Whatever is the spirit which animates you.... MIX AND MATCH!

We look forward to assisting you with any enquiry.