Cotto Etrusco Christmas 2011

The team at Cotto were very busy finishing off their new showcase showroom and it is amazing.... but first, before we had a chance to see that, there was some fun to be shared.... So up the mountain from Preugia we went with the family and some friends for the night. With food cooked by Simone and Alesso's mother and olive oil grown on the farm it was truly an experience.

The family run this property as a B + B and also have an amazing recording studio that Jazz artists from all over the world come to record in. We truly had a memorable night. But back to work the next morning down to the new showroom to see the new displays and products. Using the techniques from the Etruscan period the material they produce by hand is very special. We really must all look at terra-cotta through new eyes as it, when produced correctly with care, is a spectacular material.

Constantly revisiting the past to crack the old glazing codes, the upcoming material is going to become much more popular. We broke for a fantastic lunch within the old city walls of Montone and a walk around the city. Then back to the hand glazing factory to see this process.

Ending this special time with yet another memorable dinner... Where we had to be moved to a separate part of the restaurant as we were a BIT noisy.... We had to say goodbye to our special friends at Cotto..... But not before we got a list of the restaurants we had to visit on our next stop Roma!