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R I C E   by  M A R A Z Z I


Evoking the look of handmade tiles typical of the Mediterranean, Rice has a high-gloss finish and natural variation. With the charm of an irregular surface, Rice also features straight edges, allowing for spaceless installation.

Three modular sizes - 150x150, 50x150 and 75x200 cm - with straight edges to enable space-less installation. A neutral palette - Bianco, Natural and Grigio - with hints of Blu combine with three motifs inspired by nature, creating multiple compositions with a unique character.

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50x150 / 150x150 / 50x150 Decor

Rice - Bianco | Elite Bathware & Tiles

50x150 / 150x150

Rice - Natural | Elite Bathware & Tiles

50x150 / 150x150

Rice - Grigio | Elite Bathware & Tiles

50x150 / 150x150

Rice - Blu | Elite Bathware & Tiles


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