R E S - A R T   by   F O N D A V A L L E

A stunning re-creation of resin in its purest form. Minimal yet sophisticated, the designs are neutral shades of pottery and cobalt. With soft shadowing and subtle texture it is natural minimalist at its best.

Currently Stocking: Powder & Talc 1200x600mm



Other Sizes & Colours Available to Order In:

Size: 400x800x10mm, 800x800x10mm, 1200x1200x10mm, 600x1200x6.5mm, 1200x1200x6.5mm, 1200x2400x6.5mm 1600x1600x6.5mm, 1600x3200x6.5mm

Colours: Ash, Cobalt, Lava, Mud, Pottery, Powder, Talc

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