Microtiles Mosaics



M I C R O T I L E S  by  P R O G E T T O  M I C R O

Small tiles enable infinite possibilities with shape, texture and colour. Designed by Roberto Cicchine, the simplicity of dot, square and rectangle program opens the door to over 60 standard solutions. But don't stop there, create your own. 

Microtiles are available in both standard and in glaze. The mosaic options are also endless. Mix and match colours with glaze or no glaze within a huge variety of patterns.

4 Mosaics Have Just Arrived In Stock (AUGUST, 2019):

Graphite Glaze Mix - Double Mosaic


Dust Glaze Mix - Plaid Mosaic


White Glaze Mix - Plaid Mosaic


Azure Glaze Mix - Spiral Mosaic

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