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Wood-n-Would by Ornamenta

WOOD and WOULD, words that have the same anglo-saxon assonance. The “wood” becomes the through with which “we” materialize our IO. It’ s a return to nature, to the origins of all things, and therefore man. And it is the natural footprint of man that we see in this handmade article of extruded gres porcelain. Its veins and its nodes become design and texture, with the “softness”, or rather the “hand” -as we say in our technical speaking - typical of the products obtained by drawn. Definitely ... the wood in its naturalness as the purpose of our “I WOULD”.

Full body gres porcelain, obtained through the extrusion process, making each piece unique and dissimilar from others. A tile featuring distinctive scratches, planing, signs of aging and traces of the craftsmanship typical of the natural element.

Available in 5 colours and 2 formats, we currently stock selected colours and formats, and we are happy to order special order to fulfill your requirements.

Stocked format:  75x450mm rectangle



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