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NATIVE by Sant’Agostino

"The first pattern laying with controlled mixing..."

With Modul-or, the mixing of shades from a combination of different tiles making up the pattern is no longer left to the installer’s choice, but is designed and controlled from the stage of product design. Every single tile in the various sizes is made with a default graphics placed inside the module in the position - and only in that position - determined by a compositional scheme carefully studied. This is why the packing of this product has been designed with a single pattern. Consequently each single pattern is unique, and laying, especially in large spaces, enhances – as never before - the blending of tones, the material depth and the dynamism of the whole graphic.

With Modul-or, a new frontier opens to pattern composition for ceramic tiles, both floor and wall, where the evolution of the tools and digital techniques is interpreted and exploited to the most by the ingenuity and skills of research and development at Ceramica Sant’Agostino.

Fine Italian Porcelian tile

Modul-or is boxed as a Module - with various sizes in each box to create the pattern

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