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Cloud by Micro

"Traditionally, japanese people utilize floor as forniture. Inspired by such lifestyle, CLOUD introduces soft and warm impression to a tile.
CLOUD consists of squares in 5 different sizes that are randomly placed like mosaic. By repeating this one single form, CLOUD generates flows like a surface of a cloud"

Aki Motoyama

Cloud is available in colors bone, clay, mud and in three different finishings: matt, glossy, mix glossy/mix.

The projects comes out from an interesting collaboration between Brix and Domus Academy: during the 2010 academic year, Domus Academy invited Brix to coordinate a Master in Design course for students in their final year.
Brix briefed the students on the theme "designing a shape".

Every two weeks Brix and the Project Leaders examined the student's proposals, giving them suggestions and feedback for the development of their projects. On November 23, 2012, all the projects were presented. Brix selected Aki Motoyama's concept as the most interesting of the whole course. Now available on the market.

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