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Moab80 is an Italian full cycle enterprise that, based on its 30 years of experience on the Italian and international markets, offers home furnishings and surfaces of contemporary style. The firms closely follows production from beginnning to end, from the research and design phases to production and sale. This approach has resulted in a clearly identifiable, stong trademark that is a guarantee of the continuity of an offer closely linked to the project culture.

Moab's competence in the sector, its industrial processing methods and its constant research in the products' aesthetics and materials has earned it a place among those companies capable of exploring and of expressing several of the evolutions in contemporary styles and concepts with furnishing solutions ideal for various areas of living and lifestyles.

The result is an astounding array of integrated systems that allows to create original and varied living environments enriched by the added value of made to measure customisation and distinction.

MOAB80 products

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Visit the manufacturer's website: http://www.moab80.it/