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Bette is Germany's premium manufacturer of pressed metal baths. Since Bette was founded in Delbrück in 1952, several million baths have left the steel/enamel bath manufacturers' factory. 

Presently more than 50,000 baths and showers are produced each month in the modern factory. Bette is a specialist for steel/enamel product production, with shaping and enamelling techniques exclusive to the company, around 500 different models are produced by about 270 employees. 

Using a self-developed Deep Draw manufacturing process, Bette have been able to create a diverse range of baths that set them apart from the competition. Bette uses only titanium based steel for extra strength and finest glass granulate for a superior finish and the quality of their products are backed by a 30 year warranty.

Bette products

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Visit the manufacturer's website: http://www.argentaust.com.au/brands/bette.html