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We are surrounded and immersed in artificial intelligence and technology - at work and play, with home-life and work-life blurring together, there is a strong desire to reintroduce nature into… read more


We explore the link between some famous works of art and architecture that we see as inspiration for some of the colours and compositions in the bathware and tile industry.


Patterns and Textures have the ability to cross over all styles of design. From minimal self-patterning materials to adding another dimension to a riot of colour and patterns, creating a more… read more


The Pool is no longer hidden at the back of the our garden, but part of our homes, the choices for decor are vital. We look at some options to create pools with individuality.

New York inspiring the Style

New York City - always a favourite to look to for the latest trends. From luxurious Manhattan apartments to funky roof-top bars, New York is truly the city that never sleeps.

New York design… read more

The Return of Pastels

Chic...Soft....Elegant... three words to describe the use of Pastels.  Both playful and sophisticated, Pastels are making a grand comeback.

Used as accent or feature, Pastels evoke a sense… read more